Today I have another product review that I purchased from colormix_boutique.

I like to try different types of nail art accessories for my nail art passion and online shopping provides me variety of products. To achieve my need I started searching of reliable store , during search I liked metal slices that was available on ebay. I ordered only that product from colormix_boutique  to reduce the risk in case of cheating.

The price was around US$4 and the shipping was free and expected time of delivery was 2 to 4 weeks, so I kept patience and waited for a month. When it didn’t arrive even after a month, I sent a mail about my order to seller and they replied me back same day. Then I came to know that there was some error in shipping address from my side, after a couple of mails he agreed to send back again and asked me to update my address on ebay, so I did  but I was not sure and left to follow up.

Meanwhile I ordered some other stuff from another seller on ebay. My enthusiasm started again to check my letterbox for new order.One evening while checking my letterbox I found a packet, I was surprised to find that it was the gold metal slices that I purchased from colormix boutique . The product I got before my expectation  just 8th day from confirmation of sending product again. The seller is wonderful,very reliable and customer oriented and definitely I will shop from there again.

                                                                        About product

It came in this packet and reached  undamaged but the pieces were mixed in the wheel during shipping so I rearranged them.

 gold 3d metal slices for nail art

The product of quality was same as advertised on site. It comes packaged in round wheel and have 12 different design of metal slices . It contains 12 different design like Hello Kitty, Star, Dior, Heart, Teddy Bear, Gucci, LV, Chanel and more. All are super design and can be used in different occasion .

nail accessories metal slices

                                                          Trial of the product

I picked some of my favorites and used for my mani.

3d metal slices for nail art

3d gold metal decal nail art

                                                      How I used

On top of dried base color I used glue on the place where I wanted to place the slices. Then with the help of dotting tool, moisturized with top coat, I picked each slice and placed over glue, as I found it hard with tweezers to pick and place them correctly. I kept it simple for all other slices except for apples, for which I created some branches and placed the apples on them.