Hi!! today I decided on easy rose nail tutorial with Indian nail polish without specific tools,for this design you need some different color and matchstick ,toothpick,bobby pin as tools.

rose nail color

I used “Mavala” red nail color as i dont have any other red nail polish so you can try red color of “Lakme color crush” or “Elle18” with no shimmer .

paint your nails

After base coat polish your ring and middle finger with white and other fingers with yellow.

make dots

To make my rose nails more interesting make bigger dots on yellow nails using blue paint with matchstick .

smaller dots

Once the blue dots dries use bobby pin as little doter add small dot inside the blue color.Now time for my rose on white nails…..

rose nails

Make yellow and red dots randomly on white polish with matchstick.

make rose petalseasy rose with toothpick

Using a toothpick place small dots,with red color on yellow and yellow on red dot, in the center and semi circle or “c” shape around the dot to look like rose petal.

leaves on rose nail

To give complete look draw shape of leaf with green polish using same toothpick and finish it with clear top coat after drying the layer of paints.

rose nail art

Your gorgeous design is ready.

rose nail art