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Today I am very excited to write review of Born Pretty Store products. It’s my first online shopping that made me so happy. Earlier I needed some nail art product which are not available at my local store but is easily available on online store. First I was hesitant to buy from online store as there are many chances of fraud, to avoid this you have to find reliable sellers that has good reputation and delivers on time. Finally after hours of search I decided to buy from Born Pretty Store.

They have many other beauty products apart from nails. I finally decided to purchase three products from there, all under US$5. I paid through credit card and shipping was free with no minimum purchase required which was happier part of the purchase. I started waiting for the order as expected delivery time was 1 to 2 weeks and I got them on 9th day from a day of purchase. The Funniest part is that the day I got my order on same day I received second mail from the BPS store that your order is in process it may get delayed because of bad weather and custom check. I purchased 2 Nail water decal and 1 Topsy tail maker. The products details and trial are here…


Packaging is very good and items are reached undamaged.

born preety store product review

Trial and tutorial of the product.Nail water decals →→↓

nail water decals

nail water decals

1) Remove transparent cover from over the sticker.

nail water decal

2) Cut desire pattern.

nail water decals

3) Keep the decal in water for around 20 seconds with help of tweezers.

nail water decals

4) Remove Decal gently  from paper ,don’t worry about that it comes out very easily.

water decal

5) Place it on desire place on your nail.

nail water decal

6) Press the decals gently  to stick on place and to avoid in case of any air bubble in it. Dab with tissue paper to absorb excess water on nail.Apply topcoat on nail to protect the decal.                                                                                                          water decal nail art

Click this link  for the trial of Topsy tail tool